Canada’s Best Weighted Blankets of 2023

Best Weighted Blankets 2022

4 thoughts on “Canada’s Best Weighted Blankets of 2023

  1. YnM from Amazon fell apart in 6 weeks. Don't buy it!

    YnM seemed amazing at first: Perfect colour, felt good, best sleeps I’ve ever had! Then in under 2 months it broke open, spilling the little beads everywhere. The segregated pockets are opening up too, making the distributing of weight uneven. VERY DISAPPOINTED AS IT SEEMS LIKE HEAVEN WHEN I GOT IT. Don’t be taken like me.

  2. 2 months in: Simplesleep still going strong

    I have had a Simplesleep weighted blanket for about two months now. I was initially worried that it wouldn’t work, but after sleeping with one every night for over a month and having no issues whatsoever -I’m sold! The fabric is soft yet durable; there doesn’t appear to be much maintenance involved in caring for them (it’s not like regular blankets). I am so thankful I found these weighted blankets! My daughter has insomnia and this helps her sleep better. My grandson is a toss-and turn, but he enjoys sleeping more now that his mind doesn’t feel like it’s fighting him all night long because of how soothing the gravity provides relief for those who suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS). Not only do they help with anxiety or ADHD symptoms – people say it also aids in achieving healthy amounts hours spent on “deep restful” no longer being plagued by restless legs at bedtime

  3. Don't buy from HUSH - they falsely advertise their product and the satisfaction guarantee.

    So here’s the story:

    I ordered the Hush Classic thinking it was going to be similar in heat to the Duvet we normally use – it was not. I messaged Hush letting them know it was too hot and uncomfortable, they recommended me to the Iced 2.0. So I paid for the upgrade to exchange and 3 MONTHS LATER the Iced 2.0 showed up. We tried it for 1 night and it was no cooler, in fact neither my girlfriend or I got any sleep that night.

    I messaged Hush again letting them know that the Iced 2.0 blanket is indeed not iced at all, their response was “The AC should be freezing to have the full experience!”. Nowhere in the documentation, nor the support representative mention that until after we had received this blanket.

    Anyways, they won’t refund our money and now we’re stuck with a blanket that worsens our sleeping. If the company truly believed in their product, why wouldn’t they refund the occasional unsatisfied customers? I mean, their satisfaction guarantee says it quite clearly but frankly, that’s not the case.

  4. Gravid is AMAZING!

    Great review! I haven’t tried the other brands – but I did splurge on a Gravid. I was not sure if we would like the weighted blanket or not but I had been wanting to try it. OMG ITS AMAZING! My anxiety has improved since using my new wonder tool, and all while sleeping soundly through the night without any hotspots at all – what more could someone ask for? It’s helped with stress too which is amazing because who doesn’t want some relief from that?! My Gravid weighted blanket has been a life changer for me! I used to have trouble falling asleep and staying asleeplast week – you’ll never need another cup o’ joe or energy drink again because these things work magic.


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