In an effort to help you make the best decisions for your health and well-being, we occasionally partner with brands and recommend products in our content. Any product we recommend or brand we work with is thoroughly vetted by our team for:

  • medical credibility
  • company reputation
  • good business practices

Ultimately, this vetting process ensures that you’ll only see recommendations for products and companies we stand behind.

Why we prioritize vetting at Trusted Sleep Reviews

We feel a responsibility to our community to make sound recommendations that have been evaluated and approved by our Brand and Content Integrity team.

We hope to have a positive impact on you and your health, as well as set a standard across the health industry.

Our vetting process

Each product or brand we review is vetted using the same scoring system. Here’s what we consider:

  • Are any health or medical claims supported by the current body of scientific evidence?
  • Does the company promote a healthy approach to well-being without emphasizing or contributing to stereotypes, stigmas, or unhealthy goals and aspirations?
  • Does the brand adhere to industry best practices? Are they leading the industry in their business practices?
  • Do they have any third-party certifications?
  • Has the company been issued a Canadian Food & Safety, Food and Drug Administration or Federal Trade Commission warning letter? If so, has the issue been resolved?
  • Are there any pending lawsuits or previous settlements related to fair employment practices or marketing practices? Are there any pending or previous class-action lawsuits?
  • Does the product include an ingredient/material list? Does it follow current labeling guidelines?
  • Does the product’s ingredients or composition have the potential to cause drug interactions, allergic reactions, or harm?

We re-evaluate all of our partner brands on a regular basis to ensure they continue to meet our standards.

If a product or brand no longer meets our standards, we remove it from our content. And if we do share something that hasn’t passed our vetting process, we’re transparent about why so you can make an informed decision.